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The Making of Splitters

Free Flying Fish rocking in the cradle of its values a firm commitment on a philosophy: Fill Up your Dreams. Every day we have put the necessary ingredients to achieve the dream of creating a clothing line with ethical production that will run from yoga clothes to organic clothing. Sometimes we need to add to our recipe a little bit of persistence and a great deal of passion and another times serendipity has put us in front of beautiful discoveries. And one of our greatest discoveries has a proper name: Splitters. They are not only harem pants or yoga pants,...

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Fill Up your Dream and Inspire the World

Dreamscometrue Free Flying Fish Inspiration values

This is the story of a dream fulfilled that still has many things to accomplish. We are not special. Neither better nor worse. We all have dreams large, small or medium-sized, some leave it forgotten into the drawer of memories, others accommodated them in oblivion, and others struggle with love, hope and illusion for them even in the darkest days. Remember, behind the clouds the sun is always shining. When the energy tank was empty or problems came by the thousands, we always imagined the sun shining and there we started walking again in a path fraught with difficulties, because...

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Help Free Flying Fish change the world

Ethical Production International Cooperation NGO Solidarity sustainable

The help of the development of impoverished societies appears on dangerous coordinates: economist perspective, aggressions of big multinationals, interests of managerial conglomerates, reduction of budget items, media manipulation... Before this new georeferenced, the citizenship has returned to take the reins of the solidarity with the new trend: To give international cooperation. Free Flying Fish will participate in this trend. We are going to contribute towards the achievement of a more fair and sustainable world by donating a percentage of our annual profits to Non-governmental organizations. We have decided that this amount will go towards social projects in USA and South...

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The Ethical Production of Free Flying Fish

ecofashion ecoproduction ethical production Fair trade Free Flying Fish responsible consumer Unique Clothing

Free Flying Fish opens a new window to the oxidized and orthodox fashion world. FFF breaks with the unjust parameters of the madcap production chain. We enjoy the creative process, take the time to create each garment and develop an organic, ethical and sustainable clothing line.  Just to remember to develop social awareness in a responsible consumer. The factory building Rana Plaza collapsed on April 24, 2013. This collapse killed more than a thousand people and is considered "the greatest disaster in the fashion industry." The global alarm went on to meet the working conditions of deceased workers, with endless...

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The Birth of a Dream

Ecofashion Free Flying Fish Organic Clothing Sustainable Fashion Unique Clothing Line Why Native Cotton Why Organic Cotton Why Pima Cotton

Free Flying Fish was born as a dream, cradled in the imagination of Ellen Junglen. The impossible only takes longer to achieve it. By putting on our working boots filled with effort and enthusiasm mixed in equal parts, we sculpted the impossible into reality. Believing was the first step of this long journey, that today all of you are invited to share with us. With a backpack full of dreams and impossibles(?), we started our trip to Peru accompanied by a firm belief: to create a clothing line based on fair trade, with an artistic design called ExpressionWear. But... Why Peru?...

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