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The Ethical Production of Free Flying Fish

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Free Flying Fish opens a new window to the oxidized and orthodox fashion world. FFF breaks with the unjust parameters of the madcap production chain. We enjoy the creative process, take the time to create each garment and develop an organic, ethical and sustainable clothing line. 

Just to remember to develop social awareness in a responsible consumer. The factory building Rana Plaza collapsed on April 24, 2013. This collapse killed more than a thousand people and is considered "the greatest disaster in the fashion industry." The global alarm went on to meet the working conditions of deceased workers, with endless days, violations of their rights as workers, unsafe buildings and even wages above $ 50 per month.

Free Flying Fish is the ally of the consumer responsible, seeking an alternative to the textile exploitation concentrated in northern Morocco and Asia. We work on fair labor relations in a healthy working environment and a sustainable production chain.
The minimum wage of a textile worker in Bangladesh does not exceed $ 150 per month. This worker can sew a day at least 300 garments, whose profits around $ 20,000 in the European and US market. This creates a very unfair employment relationship, called slaves to fashion. Free Flying Fish opposes these enslaving labor situations. By working directly with the garment makers, we know that the money we paying to produce our clothing, goes directly to the people cutting and sewing our clothing.  We create fair relations with our producers, increasing up to 300 percent earnings per garment in a more regulated and fair Peruvian labor market. 

The production process of Free Flying Fish focuses on workshops Peru we have visited, inspected, and worked alongside our vendors in; ensuring that security conditions are more optimal. Employee controlled production rhythms are led by men and women who love their profession. For example, Nelida was a lawyer in Peru and decided to leave her profession to fulfill her dream of opening her own sewing workshop. We fell in love with her story and her passion to make her dreams come true. Now, Nelida is one of our suppliers and friends of Peru.

 "Live the life you love, love the life you live"


Free Flying Fish production in Peru. Organic Clothing Line supporting small businesses.

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