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The help of the development of impoverished societies appears on dangerous coordinates: economist perspective, aggressions of big multinationals, interests of managerial conglomerates, reduction of budget items, media manipulation... Before this new georeferenced, the citizenship has returned to take the reins of the solidarity with the new trend: To give international cooperation. Free Flying Fish will participate in this trend. We are going to contribute towards the achievement of a more fair and sustainable world by donating a percentage of our annual profits to Non-governmental organizations. We have decided that this amount will go towards social projects in USA and South America. But we need your help!! We are evaluating several NGO projects and we want to know your opinion. Which Non-Profit or social project do you recommend to us? 

The requirements are clear. Projects must promote the social development of a community with values equal, giving priority to sustainable development. Education, improving access to drinking water, ending malnutrition children, environment... The possibilities are endless and we expect his opinion to assess all the options and decide which project will be the beneficiary of our donation. For example, we are evaluating the NGO Madre Coraje whose projects have a great positive impact on the communities indigenes of the mountains of Peru, one of the areas most impoverished Andean country. Their goal: eradicate the anemia that affects a large percentage of children.

Free Flying Fish has decided to donate part of their profits because we want to contribute our grain of sand towards a more just world. We don't talk, we act. We are of the few companies in the business textile that commitment to a sustainable fashion but which strongly believes in commitment to the society. We turn our heads and look the other way, we must act now. And we do it in several ways: by donating a portion of our profits to NGO, working with organic fabrics and fair with our suppliers relationships (mostly small business) and with the launch of free yoga courses taught by Ellen Junglen, founder of the company. Courses that are offered to communities who have never had contact with yoga and whose economic resources prevent you from access to yoga classes.

When you buy a product of Free Flying Fish not only these buying a garment fair and sustainable, but they are helping to change the world. This company aims to be a benchmark in its social commitment and be a tool of transformation and aid to those groups most disadvantaged. Help us, join a Free Flying Fish.
But let's look at the facts. Closed faucet. Not even a drop. The international cooperation remains strangled in an almost perfect crime. For example, Spain, It was one of the countries with greater support for development, has returned in terms of financing to levels of the early 90's. 2014 and 2015 has been the checkmate to the continued help for development, almost disappearing from national budget. Devastating strategy: to face the fight against the international poverty with the need to finance the social services in Spain. Master game and all quiet. This sad phenomenon has been reproduced in many Western countries that have reduced their resources toward the development aid.
The international cooperation traverses serious danger in the geopolitical coordinates planned on a map of interests. Let me explain. Wizards of manipulation take out of their top hat a fake rabbit. Their tricks deceive people, helpless against the optical illusion. But there are many makers of interested mirages. Some foundations want to reposition the coordinates of development aid. Trying to give a business aspect. Not only profitability but also to shift government policies to occupy these spaces. That is, out with state aid and in its place, developing firms.

In times of crisis, this theory gains followers by misinformation, by ingenuity or interest. These are wetlands, serious threat to development aid . And let the example to be more clear. These companies of the development would decide towards what countries they are destined the international cooperation and how there measure up the needs of every country, depending on their gross domestic product and income level. Serious mistake. "Statistics is a science that shows that, if my neighbor has two cars and I have none, we both have one," George Bernard Shaw. It is obvious that the distribution of wealth is uneven and that the average income or GDP are very misleading indicators to assess the needs of a society.

The defense of universal rights knows no boundaries, nor knows of flags. It is the responsibility of each one of us, and is exercised here and there. On this side of the ocean and the other one, because in the end lead to the same destination: solidarity. It is necessary not to fall down in the interested traps, in the manipulation dressed in suit of information. International cooperation has many enemies, but also has powerful allies in every citizen’s awareness. In fact, in these moments a new trend has just appeared in The United States and that still seems not to have been exported towards other points of the planet.. More and more people choose to give their friends a donation in a project of international cooperation. That is, at Christmas or a birthday celebration is flatters the loved one with an act of solidarity. The donation is destined to a NGO of help to the development and towards a concrete project to know the final destination of the altruistic financing. We want to be part of those allies. Free Flying Fish is a company ready to assist the transformation of this world.

Free Flying Fish and thousands of citizens are an example of solidarity, offering light into the dark land where interestingly placed to international cooperation. It is the relief of responsible citizenship. Citizens again demonstrate that another world is possible and that also exists.


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