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Fill Up your Dream and Inspire the World

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This is the story of a dream fulfilled that still has many things to accomplish. We are not special. Neither better nor worse. We all have dreams large, small or medium-sized, some leave it forgotten into the drawer of memories, others accommodated them in oblivion, and others struggle with love, hope and illusion for them even in the darkest days. Remember, behind the clouds the sun is always shining. When the energy tank was empty or problems came by the thousands, we always imagined the sun shining and there we started walking again in a path fraught with difficulties, because it was our way and we were going to continue.

It all started one day in which I (Fernando) and Ellen decided to strip the world office dress and went to the pure air of the world. Left aside the incessant rhythm imposed by society and took the reins of our time. We combined creativity and my passion for writing and decided to create a shared dream: giving life to a line of sustainable and eco-friendly clothes that would be our means to help others. Our dream is that each one's dreams will inspire the world. This gave life to Free Flying Fish, a metaphor that dreams are to meet them, to fight for them, although seem impossible. Be possible!!

Our purpose is to spread the inspiration of fulfilled dreams and the strength of those struggling with gratitude and sincerity for his own. It is an inspiring current that has the ability to inspire the world. Therefore we encourage all persons to be part of this community and water with their dreams the dreams of all. Share your visions and change the world. Write us to our email and let us spread the energy of your dreams to each person. We are all inspired and many people need you.

Free Flying Fish is therefore the dream of dreams of each and every one of us. It is a way of articulating the passions of Ellen and mine (Fernando) to believe in that another world that is possible. In fact, a percentage of the profits of our company are destined to social projects in regions hit by poverty, or to groups disadvantaged or those communities who have suffered a severe natural disaster. It is in dark areas where most shining dreams and only have to care for them so that they shine more to other people.

Ellen and I ask ourselves, "What is behind those people who in terrifying circumstances still manage to get up with energy to change their present situation?" With love, hope and illusion, these people tell us: "I get to change my world" and write the story of their lives because they have the ability to do so. Free Flying Fish is a tool to communicate these stories and shine in the hope of thousands of people in every corner of the planet.

We love remember a quote of The Little Prince: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye". We make visible what tells us the heart and inspired the world with our dreams. More than yoga clothes, organic clothing or harems pants, we are our values.


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye”. More than yoga clothes, organic clothing, workout clothes or harems pants, we are our values. Free Flying Fish

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  • Anna on

    Wonderful!! I will share on my facebook. I’ll fill up my dreams :)

  • Jessica on

    Every day I fight for my dreams even in those days more dark, but as you well say the sun always shines after the clouds. Thanks Free Flying Fish!!! I hope many people will support you. And your clothes are amazing!! I love FreeWear!

  • Kevin on

    I hope that many people will read this post and share your dream with us. It is a power that must come to all of us. Thank you Free Flying Fish for this initiative and be much more than a clothing line

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