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The Making of Splitters

Free Flying Fish rocking in the cradle of its values a firm commitment on a philosophy: Fill Up your Dreams. Every day we have put the necessary ingredients to achieve the dream of creating a clothing line with ethical production that will run from yoga clothes to organic clothing. Sometimes we need to add to our recipe a little bit of persistence and a great deal of passion and another times serendipity has put us in front of beautiful discoveries.

And one of our greatest discoveries has a proper name: Splitters. They are not only harem pants or yoga pants, but they formed the beginning of our beautiful adventure. Splitters are a flight of the imagination, a mixture of colors in 11 different pieces of fabric. They patchwork of feelings that bring us closer to the fulfillment of our dreams. It is a change in fashion from its production, created between Peruvian seamstresses and  Free Flying Fish Founder Ellen Junglen. It was a joint work, a fair trade relationship and especially the beginning of a friendship. But up to that point in history, we must look back and recover the memory of the splitters.

And the dream appeared in the eyes of Ellen Junglen in 2011. It was a game of creativity; knead the scraps of the imagination to give life to the genesis of Free Flying Fish. Ellen began making splitters with extra pieces of fabrics and scraps in her home for herself, her sister and her friends. The world Splitter comes from the freedom to dance, the connectivity of different aspects to create a full of light and colorful piece; this unique garment that is hand-made, parties to a whole called splitter. And thus takes the first steps in this clothing line called ExpressionWear.

We turn the page and appear on 2012. It's time to dress in social commitment, a component that is very present in Free Flying Fish. It is ethical production, is sustainable fashion, ecofashion is, but mostly it is social conscience and a clear value : Fill Up your Dream. In this way, Ellen marches to Peru with a backpack full of dreams, to contribute in that another world is possible. She begins to work with Non-Profit Organization, Fair Mail, struggling to search for a decent future for the teens of Northern Peru. She is wearing splitters with an inside pocket for her passport. Peruvians and tourists complimented these harem pants… And suddenly an idea: use the splitters to create a socially responsible clothing line and that its profits are earmarked for Non-Profit Organizations. Free Flying Fish was born to the lullaby of the splitter.

Free Flying Fish, fair trade clothing line, FFF back hand of Ellen and Fernando, specialized in social issues journalist, to Peru, in order to continue to fill their dreams. They began to work with small garment shops, creating relations fair collaboration and especially by creating friends with those who work, those who also pursue their dreams.  Free Flying Fish already flies with their splitters and the dreams of hundreds of people who little by little inspire us with their achieved dreams and get. We like to say not only Free Flying Fish is a clothing line, it is and instrument of inspiration at the service of the dreamers.

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