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The Birth of a Dream

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Free Flying Fish was born as a dream, cradled in the imagination of Ellen Junglen. The impossible only takes longer to achieve it. By putting on our working boots filled with effort and enthusiasm mixed in equal parts, we sculpted the impossible into reality. Believing was the first step of this long journey, that today all of you are invited to share with us. With a backpack full of dreams and impossibles(?), we started our trip to Peru accompanied by a firm belief: to create a clothing line based on fair trade, with an artistic design called ExpressionWear. But... Why Peru? I, Fernando Romero, -with awards for Sustainable Journalism for reports I have done in Peru and Ellen Junglen - designer and founder of Free Flying Fish- already knew the Peruvian reality after working with several NGOs in the poorest areas of Peru; and we were determined to contribute our bit grain of sand for social change. So we joined Ellen's dream with our social commitment and Free Flying Fish was born, i.e, a clothing line with social responsibility, supporting the development of small artisans dedicated to the textile world.

Why Organic Pima Cotton?

We landed in Peru with another clear idea: to be respectful of the environment. So we choose organic pima cotton. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra-long staple length and hand harvesting, is one of the greatest treasures of nature, admired for its exceptional durability, softness and brilliant luster. Organic Cotton has the special characteristic of being cultivated in a land free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants, being the opposite of conventional cotton cultivation.

This Organic Cotton is harvested by hand in its integrity , which generates many benefits, including less environmental impact since it is not harvested with any heavy machinery, employs community members and also ensures the quality and product purity.

Why Organic Native Cotton?

Initiated in 1990, the unique Amazon jungle Drug-Free cotton program offers native horticulturalists a viable alternative to illicit coca leaf cultivation. We decided to support this program and the use of environmentally conscientious practices of small farmers and producers, while fostering sustainable relationships and understanding peruvian culture and diverse ethnic heritages. For this reason, we chose Natural Cotton Colors in earthy beige, brown, chocolate, green and mauve tones. This native cotton is used in our Free Wear Line, creating unique, sustainable and garments committed to the social environment.

Free Flying Fish appears as a new stream of air in the fashion industry, slamming the door to the traditional practices of large textile companies. It generates a close relationship with the supplier, located in small production centers in Peru, without being dragged down by enslaving production rates, with equitable relationships with our producers. 

Free Flying Fish embraces a sporty and exclusive style, creating a single line that produces clothing for the practice of yoga and the perfect attire for a social event. It is soft light clothing, which give a sense of freedom and comfort, while making a trend with handmade touches and elegant design.

 And laugh at the craziness because sometimes the crazy ones fulfill their dreams. Here our Free Flying Fish's crazies:


                              Free Flying Fish's Team

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