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About Us

Take a step and a leap of joy, discover what is inside of you, create what could be there, feel inspired and fulfilled with your own actions. Love yourself for what you are and what you will be.

We are those who dream and strive to make our visions a reality, those who break boundaries and stereotypes. We are those who live purpose, love, and compassion. We move, grow, flourish and encourage others.  We are Free Flying Fish.

What does being a Free Flying Fish mean to you?  Tag us at @freeflyingfish on Instagram and tell us your story or nominate a person who is a Free Flying Fish in your eyes. 

Our mission is to provide socially conscious consumers with fairly produced ExpressionWear of the highest quality. All of clothing is designed by Free Flying Fish founders Ellen Junglen and Fernando Romero, and developed by women owned and operated small businesses in Peru. By working directly with the seamstresses, we ensure fair wages and that no child labor is used in the making of our garments. We value they importance of using sustainable fabrics, and use only 100% organic cotton for our entire FreeWear Collection. From hearts to yours, fill up your dreams!